Italian Prosecco
100% Prosecco
Alc. 11% by vol.

Tuscan Sun Wines

Toccare le Stelle

Touch the stars

Tuscany is a world; Italy is a universe.

Toccare le Stelle—The Milky Way arcs over our house and often it seems that you can reach up and touch the fiery stars. We invite good friends, throw down a blanket, and pop open an airy, fulsome prosecco. Sparkling in the glass, this liquid constellation tastes of all the celebrations throughout the year. In summer, add a spoon of peach juice, and watch the meteors zoom across the sky.

Vinification: Pressing: very soft. Production area: Rai of San Polo di Piave Altitude: 30 mt above sea level

Soil: clayey, sandy sometimes gravely orientation of the vines: south-north. Breeding system: double Sylvoz overturned Vines for hectare: 2800

Tasting Notes: Bright, straw yellow color with a delicate and persistent perlage. Scent of acacia flowers, apple, lemon peal and grapefruit.Good structure with a soft taste of fruit, balanced and savory, with a refreshing, long lingering finish.

Serving Suggestions: Perfect as aperitif served with battered vegetables, fried food, cheeses, olives or other antipasti. Excellent paired with oysters, shrimp and other seafood.

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