Writer, cook, designer and diva of all things Tuscan, Frances Mayes opened to the world an invitation to live more fully and to enjoy the moment. “For over two decades,” Frances says, “we have feasted and sipped across the timeless fields of Tuscany and beyond.” As in her seven books on Tuscany, and the film Under the Tuscan Sun, the Frances Mayes brand centers on friendship, discovery, restoration, and ultimately renewal through daily pleasures and an appreciation for the good life well lived. Under the brand, wine, artisan food, items useful and artful, all carry the unmistakable hallmark of Frances Mayes’s vision.

A toast to the Tuscans, who inspire the world to live like kings! – Frances Mayes

Wine is so intrinsic to Italian culture, and Frances has always dreamed of introducing a line of wines to match her Tuscan Sun lifestyle. Frances personally selects the Tuscan Sun Wines, assuring that each one conveys the joys of the table and the true taste of Italy. Frances set out to bring this casual, beautiful, every-day expression of wine to her fans. With Frances personally selecting the house wines from her favorite Tuscan restaurants, the lineup of Tuscan Sun Wines was born. The labels are original paintings inspired by Frances’s favorite places in and around her famous villa, Bramasole.

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